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August 24 Adriana Johnson Memorial, Ronan

August 25 4P Arena 335 Bighorn Dr., Kalispell

September 15 MVHR Fundraiser Lake County Fairgrounds, Ronan.

September 21 Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Eureka

October 5 Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Eureka

October 12 Blue Moon Arena, Columbia Falls

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NBHA MT 5 April October 2018

Director’s Update:

Let me begin by saying “Thank You” to everyone that filled out the feedback form for me. I thought I would respond to some of the concerns that were listed. I passed the request on to change the dates as well as the arena on to the state directors. It generated a productive discussion on the MT5 Facebook page. Also, I have shared your concern about arena conditions with the owners.

I also had requests to sanction more barrel races in Ronan and areas south of there. This year, I have already set the schedule for 2019 races with the bulk being in the Flathead. The reason I have set the schedule with most of the races in the Flathead is due to ratio/geographic numbers of people belonging to our district. Our members span from British Columbia to Deer Lodge with the bulk of the members residing in the Flathead. I try to keep races so that travel can be kept to a minimum. Living in Eureka, however, I do understand the headache of travel, especially on weeknights. NBHA only allows us to sanction 18 races each year (Double headers are considered 1 race). I currently have 3 north of the Flathead and 3 south of the Flathead. I also have 3 sanctioned races on Wed. evenings. I had a request to also consider Monday evenings rather than Wed. Again, I will look at that again for the future. It also depends on the host arena. I will see if we can bump the race start time a little later to give people time to get off work. However, the majority of the races are on the weekends. I also had a request to have races at other arenas. If you have any specific requests, please let me know. Finally, I had a request to have two timers in the event one fails. I will try to do this as well. In some cases, timer issues are associated with the sun, but I will try to have covers for this year.

Next, the 21st Annual Glacier Barrel Bash is just around the corner. That means, it is time to order awards. To do that, I need your help in getting sponsors. Please remember that the Glacier Barrel Bash proceeds fund our club activities such as year-end awards, jackets, banquet, and added money as well as awards for the barrel bash.

Each NBHA MT5 member is expected to obtain at least one sponsorship. Once again, NBHA MT5 members will receive $20 off an entry for each $200 buckle sponsorship. Members who secure a $500 sponsorship will receive $50 off an entry. Members who secure a $1500 sponsorship will receive one complementary entry. Please try to obtain sponsorships as soon as possible as the money is needed to purchase awards prior to the event. We can also accept donations of product if someone is interested in that. Single donations can be used for awards in the Target Race while donations in sets of 4 can be used in the awards package. While it is helpful to have product donations for awards, please keep in mind that we also need cash for the added money and saddle.
Since last year’s silent auction table was a success we will be doing that once again. Members who bring silent auction items will receive a ticket for an incentive prize drawing. Dallas Heine is coordinating the silent auction this year. Silent auction items can be dropped off early with Dallas at Montana Grounds.

Kassi Knodel will be in charge of the vendor booths. The cost for a vendor booth is $25 plus a donation/sponsorship that could be used for awards or the silent auction. Vendors can set up 1 or both days, but the cost is the same.
I want to thank this year’s barrel bash committee for all of their help. If you have questions, please contact the following individuals: Arena – Wendy McCaffree; Vendors – Kassi Knodel; Silent Auction – Dallas Heine; Sponsorships/Office – Rae Lynn Hays.

We are also asking MT 5 members to volunteer for various duties such as gates, time only runs, etc. If you are interested in volunteering in a certain area, please contact me to be put on the schedule. We rely on everyone to make this event a success.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
Rae Lynn